Michelle Rogers

WCC Women in the Chemical Enterprise Breakfast - “Networking in Action”

Blog Post created by Michelle Rogers on Aug 10, 2018

Boston, Massachusetts

August 20, 2018, 7:30 AM - Ticketed Event

At the center of industrial, academic, government, and non-profit employers … is you! Making connections is part of the foundation to get to the next level.

The three main employers within the chemical enterprise, industry, academics, and government (including non-profits) comprise of very different groups. Each have different missions with unique management styles. What does it mean to work in these fields and how does one advance in these fields? The Women in the Chemical Enterprise Breakfast will host women from each of these groups to discuss her career path and how she navigated the career ladder within her organization.

We were thrilled to have ACS Directors and ACS President-Elect, Bonnie Charpentier, as our guests for the New Orleans breakfast last March. Our guests sat at the tables with breakfast participants, answering questions. After 15 minutes, they moved to another table to ensure they interacted with as many participants as possible. Much of the feedback indicates the participants found the event worthwhile.

Due to the success of the New Orleans breakfast, we have decided to repeat the format. We have invited ACS Board members to sit with us to discuss their careers, the ACS, and employment and volunteer opportunities and challenges. We encourage you to attend and participate.

For over 20 years, the WCC has organized the Women in the Chemical Enterprise Breakfast, a long-lasting program designed to initiate discussion on topics relevant to women in the chemical sciences. Join us in New Orleans for an opportunity to network with others and a discussion about the importance networking for your career.

By Ean Warren