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Symposium in honor of Professor Lisa McElwee-White, 2019 Francis P. Garvan- John M. Olin Medal

Blog Post created by Gail Webster on Aug 14, 2019

A symposium in in honor of Professor Lisa McElwee-White in recognition of her contributions to chemistry and in particular her mentorship of women in the field and in academia was presented at the 2019 Spring National ACS meeting in Orlando. Professor McElwee-White, in an effort to continue to promote awareness and recognition of women in the field, invited a dynamic panel of 21 speakers made up entirely of women. Speakers were from 12 states, Canada, and Scotland and featured Prof. Vy Dong (UC-Irvine) the 2019 Elias J. Corey Award for Outstanding Original Contribution in Organic Synthesis by a Young Investigator award winner, Prof. Debbie Crans (Colorado State) the 2019 ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry award winner,  as well as 2019 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award winner and Queen's Distinguished University Professor Cathleen Crudden (Univ. British Columbia. The symposium was made up of 3 half day sessions with talks on a range of subjects including surface chemistry (Prof. Jill Millstone and Prof. Teri Odom), catalysis (Prof. Jennifer Love and Prof. Corinna Schindler) , plasmonic nanomaterials (Prof. Catherine Murphy), and f-element chemistry (Prof. Connie Lu, Prof. Anne LaPointe and Prof. Polly Arnold). The symposium was sponsored by WCC and the Division of Inorganic Chemistry, the University of Florida as well as industrial sponsorship from Oakwood Chemical, Synquest Laboratories, IKA, Vigor and journal sponsors Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Society Reviews, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Dalton Transactions, Chemical Science, Catalysis, Science, and Technology, Trends in Chemistry,  and Cell Press: Chem. A dinner in honor of the awardee Prof. McElwee-White, speakers, and guests was sponsored by Oakwood Chemical.


Submitted by: Anne Gorden