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WCC Rising Star Annmarie Carlton, submitted by Ean Warren

Blog Post created by Gail Webster on Aug 16, 2019

Annmarie Carlton received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey in 2006. After
graduating, she worked at NOAA and US EPA as a Research Physical Scientist before becoming an
Assistant Professor at Rutgers in 2010. In 2016, she moved to the Department of Chemistry at UC Irvine
where she is continuing her research on atmospheric chemistry with a focus on anthropogenic
emissions. Her concern is of their chemical transformation during atmospheric transport as well as the
critical issues surrounding air quality and climate change. To address these issues, she conducts
atmospheric modeling with field and laboratory studies. The models accurately describe the fate and
transport of trace species and aid in the development of effective policies and management strategies
that safeguard human health, ecosystems, agricultural economies and security.