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JSD Strategy Meeting and ACS Leadership Weekend

Blog Post created by Sara Paisner on Jan 26, 2010

This past weekend, I spent three and half days in ACS related activities. It was an exhausting and invigorating time! Thursday and Friday we worked on the Joint Subcommittee on Diversity (JSD) Strategy Meeting. The JSD consists of the WCC, YCC, CMA, CTA and CWD. We spent the time developing goals, strategies and plans for the subcommittee going forward. It was great to work with such an interesting and excited group of people. The moderator was great too, kudos to ACS for bringing him to work with us. One exercise he had us do was to pick a picture (we had spread around over 100 color photos and images to choose from) of how you saw the JSD. It was neat what others chose as it showed our personal visions of what we could accomplish as a team. I chose a large ocean wave as I felt that it represented the strength and power of the JSD at the same time it represented our ability to change and adjust to circumstances. One person chose a bridge (i.e. bridging ideas and people) and another person chose Olympic runners who had just finished (i.e. ability to achieve goals).


Then on Saturday I attended two ACS leadership development courses, 'Strategic Planning' and 'Engaging and Motivating Volunteers'. Both were well organized and thoughtful courses and part of the lessons involved an activity that we worked on in sections during the course. The activity was helpful because it forced me to practice what I had just learned. Amber Hinkle (former WCC chair) and Rama (YCC member) were the facilitators for the Strategic Planning course and Latrease (ACS Staff) for the Engaging and Motivating Volunteers course; all three did a great job. I'm looking forward to applying what I learned to both my committee work and my professional career.


The third big focus for the weekend was done mainly on Friday between the end of the JSD Strategy Meeting and the beginning of the ACS leadership conference. The WCC subcommittee chairs, with our new Chair Janet Bryant, worked on our strategy for the upcoming year. I am sure you'll hear more about this over the next few weeks, suffice it to say that we were all quite energized after the meeting and the weekend.


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