Interesting Event/Activity Sites

Idea created by Shawn Torres on Nov 2, 2012

    I recently came across these tow sites that may be of interest to the group. One is the World Ophthalmology Congress® 2014 Tokyo [WOC2014 Tokyo]  which I found to be nicely designed, easy to navigate and really did a good job of emphasizing the cultural richness of the location. The other is a campaign site for clean water Waters Worth It | Waters Worth It created by the Water Environment Federation. It has very clean lines and uses rollover on the main navigation to effectively tie the users actions to the theme. This is a multimedia campaign that uses social media, web banners (shown below) and emails to generate interest and web traffic that will hopefully be converted to participation. The organizations logo is basic white or black which can be used on various color backgrounds. The brand is used effectively across a wide range of activities using color as guide across various divisions and call to actions.


    Our challenge is always balancing the substance (science) of the conference with the tactile experience of location and traveling in our communications.