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Hello everyone, im a mechanical eng student but im interested in a chemistry related question. how do we separate chemical constituents like cinnamon aldehyde from a bulk cinnamon bark oil? what methods do we use and what equipments do we use to separate these components. im interested doing a start up and It would be really helpful if you could

Arlene Garrison
For those who have already retired, what one thing would you differently if you were retiring soon?
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Hassen Jaafar
nanoMAT Tunisia Official Website     Event will be held in Hotel Bel Azur (4*) in Hammamet seaside town, Tunisia, from 29 April to 1 May 2017  This is the 1st International Conference on Nanomaterials and Applications (nanoMAT2017) organized by the Tunisian Society of Nanomaterials and Applications (nanoMAT). The event will be