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Would you like to see your NCW 2012 event in C&EN? Read more!

Discussion created by Aviva Westheim on Oct 18, 2012
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Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) will have a feature article in one of its December issues highlighting activities of the ACS's local sections celebrating the 25th anniversary of National Chemistry Week.  In order to be considered for inclusion into C&EN and to meet their publication deadline, sections are asked to complete this form by Wednesday, November 7, 2012.


Submissions must be made in this discussion thread. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST LOG INTO ACS.ORG TO GET THE REPLY OPTION TO THIS DISCUSSION.  You can submit up to 10 photos.  Maximum attachment size is 15MB, thus you may have to submit your photos in more than one message.


You must also attach a completed National Chemistry Week 2012 C&EN Submission Form in your reply for your entry to be considered.  After clicking on "reply", use the "advanced editor" option to upload photos and attachments.  Each photo must be submitted as JPEG images.  Do not compress or reduce the resolution of the original image.  Photos inserted in a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel file, or webpage will NOT be considered for publication.  Each photo must include the following information: Photo Caption; Event Venue; City & State; Type of Activity; Date of Activity; and name of photographer.  If the name of the photographer is not available, indicate who should receive photo credit.  Subjects in the photos must be  wearing safety-glasses, particularly if they are involved in a hands-on activity.