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    Jabir ibn Hayyan

    seyed abolfazl taheri

      I research about ideas Jabir ibn Hayyan Muslim chemist these ideas include elements, elements trait and mixture elements.

      How you know  this scientist? How do you think about these ideas?

      Do you need science to these ideas?


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          Soheila Sedaghat

          Could you explain the view of jabir?

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            seyed abolfazl taheri

            Jabir is reputation scientist, this Iranian chemist believe we can change trait anything if we learn of the nature. Jabir can think about elements of the other aspects, these elements exactly similar write book and we can change and write again this book. How do you think about Jabir? I want decode these ideas. Up to now, I obtain brief result and I hope in continue print ruction article in about. I want collect other viewpoints if be possible?

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              Dear Mr. Taheri:


              The periodic table of the elements is an active field of research.  Recently there was a meeting

              called the Third International Meeting on the Periodic Table, in Cusco, Peru.


              If you look on the Web for Dr. Eric Scerri you will find connections to the people who work in

              this field.


              I am working in a related field, periodic tables (or "systems") of small molecules.  If you want

              to see some of the results, look up http://tiny.cc/7kzjz .  Also you can check out Wikipedia on

              Periodic Systems of Molecules.  "Small molecules" means diatomic and triatomic species.

              We can predict some spectroscopic properties.


              Have you made the aquaintance of Professor Ashrafi Ali Reza at the University of Kashan?


              Best wishes


              Ray Hefferlin

              Southern Adventist University

              Collegedale, Tennessee  USA


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                  Sergey YATSENKO

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