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Logos - why no border space?

Question asked by Josh Kurutz on Dec 22, 2018

Question concerning proper use of space surrounding ACS logos. The ACS Print Brand Style Guide for Members specifies that ACS logos (comprising the Phoenix, title, and tagline) are to have a blank white border around them, with its width equal to that of the S in ACS. But the logos provided in ACS Brand Guidelines & Logos do not include these borders.


For my own purposes, I'll edit each item with the correct border so it'll be easier to consistently comply with the guideline. But wouldn't it be easier if these ALL included the border, thus encouraging adoption and proper use across ACS?


In any case, thanks Christine Brennan Schmidt and Joy Jarvis for making the logos available. Having them in a line-art format that doesn't require a special font is very helpful. I'll work with others in the Chicago Section to encourage adoption and proper use. Also thanks for the apparent switch to OpenSans font, which is publicly available.


- Josh