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    Handling Live Chemical Structures on the ACS Network

      Hello ACS Network Development:,


      The attached email from the CHMINF-L discussion list made me want to ask if and/or when live chemical structure posting, editing, storage and searching is\will be available on the ACS Network.


      Since it IS the ACS Network, I would think this is on a wish-list somewhere.


      Thanks for any insight you can provide.

        • Re: Handling Live Chemical Structures on the ACS Network
          Christine Brennan Schmidt


          Thanks for sharing this. Certainly this is functionality that we think would be valuable to the chemical community.


          Having said that we will probably have to leverage a widget or plugin developed by another company in order to provide chemical structures within the Network. We expect this integration to be easier in the coming year, and there is a good chance we can introduce it in the latter half of next year, depending on what various vendors offer.


          I would love to hear how users might specifically use this tool or any others that we obviously don't have yet.