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Ronny Oekland
Hi   in a vacuum water would sublimate when heated up without ever going through the liquid phase first. As I understand it intuitively, this is because up to melting temperature, the heat energy goes into separating the molecules from their bonds, but it is the air pressure that then prevent them from just flying off. which means they start

Chris Fontaine
I am trying to purchase accredited primary cal gas but i don't know how to interpret the Scope of calibration provided by the gas provider. I am attaching a picture of the scope (specifically interested in the gas concentration portion and GC & TCD) and a picture of the gas mixtures in question. Thank you so much, it is hard to find accredited
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Jonathan Clark
Description: The Executive Committee of the Puget Sound Section meets once a month (usually on the second Monday of the month). The Executive Committee does not normally meet in July or August. Note: The November 2019 Executive Committee meeting will be held on November 18th, 2019 (third Monday of the month) since the second Monday of the month
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H.N. Cheng
ACS has sent email notices to all members, asking them to vote in the election.  If you have already voted, thank you for participating.  If not, please cast your vote before October 25. The ACS email came from the “ACS Election Coordinator” ( More information on the election can be found at