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Mark Benvenuto
Joe,  Are you still a go-to person for your upcoming regional meeting?  I am the ENVR Division person who is trying to connect with the regions for their regional meeting, to offer your folks $500, if you can connect an ENVR theme or sympoisum or something. Mark Benvenuto
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David Horwitz
The ACS Committee on Community Activities (CCA) Subcommittee on Program Development & Promotion (PD&P) seeks your input. The theme for NCW 2019 is "Marvelous Metals." The campaign will include information about the history and discovery of metals, what metals are used for, and reactions with metals. Please suggest articles and activities you have… (Show more)
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Josh Kurutz
The Chicago Section is interested in upgrading its website to establish a more integrated, robust web presence. we're interested in learning others' experiences. We're looking to choose between four options - which one is most like yours, and how do you like it? How did you choose that (or just fall in to it)? Simple web hosting with… (Show more)
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Kareem Redmond
An overview of the course and 360 survey process. Extraordinary Leader Volunteer Webinar - YouTube
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Atanas Atanasov

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    Timur Malik
    Hello chemistry community!   I have a quick question, I am working on a school project, and I am looking to figure out what metals (Ideally the top 3) are the most heat conductive and cheap to manufacture? I am looking to provide weather based solutions for low-cost to those who cannot afford heating in cold climates. Thank in advance!
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