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Christine Brennan Schmidt
This is the ACS Print Brand Style Guide targeted for Members (volunteers, etc.)   This is current as of Winter 2017/18.
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Amanda Morris
Click to view contentAccording to the U.S. Department of the Interior, iridium in the Earth’s crust is thought to have come from the same asteroid or comet believed to have caused the extinction of dinosaurs. While crustal abundance of iridium is estimated at 0.001ppm[1], the concentrations are much higher in asteroids. Normally, iridium rains down on Earth in… (Show more)
My guest article for COPUS (Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science) Year of Science 2009 (November) theme- Chemistry!
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Roshan Shinde
Hi All, Anyone please help me in below issue. Please find attached LC chromatograms of Solvent suitability of Acetonitrile solvent done as per ACS method on UHPLC and HPLC. I got the pattern as per attached chromatograms. So I need to understand why I got negative baseline in UHPLC when 100% ACN was running in programme. Kindly share standard…
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Gustavo Rodriguez
   How has everyone been? Good, I suppose? I hope so. Anyway, since it is Latino History Month, I figure I take the time to talk about a Latina in STEAM from about a century ago. Can you guess who I am going to talk about? It is Ynes Mexia! ( You all cheated because you looked at the blog title.)    Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia was a Mexican… (Show more)
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