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Max von Ochsenknecht
I know that's not that relevant to anyone actually studying or working with enzymes, which is probably why this is so hard to find out as a layman.   I'm working on very simplified school materials, designed to help young adults preparing for a rudimentary school degree. (German system)   They need a very basic introduction to chemistry in order… (Show more)
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Christine Brennan Schmidt
Why ACS Network The ACS Network is the social tool of the American Chemical Society.  As a chemist, you can use this resource to connect with other chemists throughout your career. The content is owned by the ACS and its functionality is being developed with the chemical community in mind.  It has tools which allow you to develop a profile and to…
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Atanas Atanasov
Human-IgG-Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies Block the SARS-CoV-2 Infection v-2-infection/

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    Jamie Heinrich
    Regulation III, 8 Standing Committee of the Board Charter  Determine the proper allocation of monies from the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Petroleum Research Fund (“ACS-PRF”) once the Annual Amount, as defined in the Agreement of Transfer of Trust dated October 25, 2000, has been established by the Committee on Pensions and Investments. The…
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    Sarah Aridy
    Is there any liquid solution or molecule that even if left for hours to dry, can turn into a solid once we add another chemical to it or a catalyst? The reaction should occur fast, under room temperature and should NOT be toxic or including metals.
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    Stephen Brackens Brinkley
    Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we are all searching for ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Recently there has been a huge upsurge in machines being offered online which claim to convert saltwater (tap water 300 ml and 60 g table salt) to a cleaning agent by running an electric current through it  (USB connection 5 volts) for a few… (Show more)
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