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Rosemary Margaret Myers Mrazik Cobb
Click to view contentTuesday, September 17, 2019 Objective and Overview: I am seeking an opportunity with a company that will combine my experience in business, my bachelor's degree, and my interest in the sciences.  At Hunter Engineering Company, I was working in the Marketing Information Department for seven years. I managed a database, prepared contracts, managed a… (Show more)
Michael Davis
2018 Chair:  Matthew Tucker Program Chair:  Ian Wallace Secretary-Treasurer:  Sean Casey Councilor:  Laina Geary Alternate Councilor:  Yftah Tal-Gan2018 Program and activities 2017 Chair:  Ian Wallace Program Chair:  Matthew Tucker Secretary-Treasurer:  Sean Casey Councilor:  Laina Geary Alternate Councilor:  Yftah Tal-Gan2017 Program and…
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Maysoon Al-Hafez
Hello everyone, I want to do some funny and amazing experiments for college students, We are planning a new event but I'm out of ideas. we already did: elephant toothpaste, secret ink, bleeding iron, Mn cameleon, paper chromatography, universal indicator... and some others.   Can you suggest any nice, interactive and relatively easy… (Show more)
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Ruth Hathaway
The East Texas Section meeting tonight, September 19 at Stephen F Austin is CANCELLED due to Imelda.
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Ruishi Fang
Chemical Element ZXY Axis Electronic Arrangement Table Tabulation principle: Please refer to the ACS network "An open letter to chemists "
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Codruta Platon
Click to view contentMore than 120 people (and over 100 local students) attended Dr. Schmidt's seminar on September 16, at the Tri County Tech, and learned about the chemistry involved when a solid phase micro extraction fiber is inserted into a honeybee hive.  
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