Catherine Haustein

A five star review for my novel Natural Attraction

Blog Post created by Catherine Haustein on Jun 9, 2016

"Catherine Haustein’s love of science imbues every page of this fascinating novel. Be prepared to learn as well as be entertained. The heroine Clementine is a frustrated naturalist longing to make a great scientific discovery. A special potion enables her to transform into a man so that she can serve as a naturalist on a prospecting expedition in 1871. Haustein packs her book with mid-nineteenth century happenings and curiosities: gold-rush era prospectors, madams, cowboys, traveling road show performers, and her native mid-western Dutch culture. Woven into the romantic plot between Clementine/Calvin and her star-crossed lover, Wesley, Haustein weaves reflections on Darwin and religion, the relationship between plant, animal, and human life, and the struggles of women in science. Queer readers will like her fluid view of mid-nineteenth century sexuality. A smart, lively read."