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New Novel out

Blog Post created by Catherine Haustein on Sep 5, 2018

Hi, I have a new novel out. To prepare for writing it, I read Faraday's biography and some of his letters. Here's the blurb:

     In 1832, Grace Clare works at the Royal Institution under the direction of the well-known chemist Michael Faraday. But science isn't all she has on her mind. She learns that her birth mother was famous comic actress Dra Joran. Grace is dangerously drawn into the tale of Dora's mysterious, unjust death after her twenty-year relationship with the prince who now occupies the throne--a man who betrayed his life partner and mothproof his children. As the only child free to do so, Grace travels to Paris for work and to view her mother's lonely grace. Awash with the injustice of the cruel betrayal, will Grace be doomed to the cure of Dora's broken heart?


Here is a link to more about it. If you go over to the blog (click on upper right) and find WOLVES AND  DEER, you can win a free copy by commenting on the blog.


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