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SNP Microarray Service Are Available in CD Genomics

Blog Post created by Chloe Mica on Jun 23, 2015

SNP Microarray Service Are Available in CD Genomics


On June 8th, CD Genomics, a service provider in sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping, has announced today for its official release of the SNP microarray service. The service is in the aim of providing people with reliable information on studying genetic variations and helping them identify the presence of an individual in complex forensic DNA mixtures accurately.

SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) microarray service can provide customers with diverse high quality data they need in studying genetic variations that connected with disease, drug, and so on. With the service, many genetic differences like copy number variations can be measured, and sample preparation can be completed by one primer amplificationl as well. In addition, only 500ng of genomic DNA is needed, with a reproductivity of 99.9%. The service can be applied to diverse filed such as cancer genetics and case control.

Marketing manager in CD Genomics announced that SNP microarray service will be effective and he believes the service will play an important role in patient genomics study, medicine genomics study and race development study. Additionally, scientists think the service will provide people with a more accurate detection result on environmental factor response. Moreover, some of our customers also think highly of the SNP microarray service for its various benefits.

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