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Blog Post created by Gustavo Rodriguez on Apr 26, 2020

   Hello! Welcome! Bienvenidos! My name is Gustavo Rodriguez. And this is my first blog entry. Ever. I will be talking about Latinos in STEAM. Why? Well it's because we don't talk about Latinos in STEAM as much as we should. I mean, it's not like any one of them won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on the ozone layer and CFCs or for their work on sugar nucleotides. Oh wait they did. In fact my uncle won an engineering award for his work with NASA. And his son (my cousin) worked for NASA too. I do want to work at a national laboratory. And I am talking about myself now. Anyways, in the 2019 Women, Minorities, and People with Disabilities in Science and Engineering report by the National Science Foundation, Latinos earned 13.5% and 10.4% of bachelor's in science and bachelor's in engineering, respectively, in 2016. In 2017, only Latinos made up only 8.6% full time employment of scientists and engineers.

   Since Latinos make up 18.3% of the US population, those first numbers are good to see. But what can help out is to talk about Latinos in STEAM themselves. So why not began with myself. My name is Gustavo Rodriguez. I was born in Suffolk, Virginia. My interest in science my have started in the fourth grade when I learned about why we recycle and about HIV. I didn't decide on pursuing chemistry until after I started college. After graduating, I've been unemployed for the past 6 years. But for the past year I have been volunteering at Fab Lab El Paso in El Paso, Texas. And before this pandemic stopped me from going, I was planning a microbiology workshop for the school children. Timing, am I right?

Anyways, I applied to doctorate program at UT El Paso, or UTEP for short. Hopefully I get in so I can share my research, if that is alright. My research interest include materials chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, and medical chemistry.

   And that's it. I hope you liked what you just read. And I will see you soon. Thank you.



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