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First God gave us fire, then gave us science!

Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Dec 13, 2013

Hello world! This is my first blog post on the ACS Network! As the mole in the organization and I just wanted to share some top secret (or maybe not so secret) information say thanks to all my new friends here. In between blowing bubbles of course, need plenty of time for that! Periodically, I will post updates on fun ACS activities, news, giveaways, contests.


Dallas2014_400x400.jpgI am very excited about my next destination: Dallas. Registration opens next Wednesday (12/18) for ACS Spring National Meeting in Dallas. TX. As the saying goes, "Big Things Happen in Dallas!" The southwestern city will be hosting the Spring 2014 ACS National Meeting & Exposition,and it is certain that great chemistry will happen there. Join me! take advantage of the wide spectrum of networking events, workshops and programming coming to Dallas this year. This years theme, "Chemistry and Materials for Energy" will explore how chemistry can provide solutions to the worlds growing energy demands. First God gave us fire, then he/she gave us Science! both illuminate our path to a better tomorrow. Visit the website and review the registration process, see fees, and check out the interesting and highly anticipated Kavli Lecture Series and plenary session. That's all for now....stay tuned there will be more to follow Dallas2014