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Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Feb 23, 2014

scienceisfun_button.jpgI still remember the first time I saw that big bright red button on former ACS President Bassam Z. Shakhashiri's lapel. It was during the 2012 Chemluminary Awards in Philadelphia. The ChemLuminary Awards gives members a great opportunity to recognize local sections, regional meetings, and divisions that receive recognition for their extraordinary work in promoting chemistry and the chemical sciences.


For a moment, it took me out of all the activity and celebration and made me reflect. It was a gentle and humble reminder of all the hard work that went into the evening. It took me to classrooms across the world where teachers inspired their students with the awe and wonder of scientific discovery. Labs, science fairs and events where chemistry demonstrations intrigued a new generation of thinkers and even my own early years, bubbling with excitement in the 6th grade as I made a volcano erupt with simple baking soda and vinegar. Yes! Science is FUN! and in the midst of black ties and well deserved cheers I was moved by the dedication of so many that go without recognition.


Those who dedicate their lives to improving ours, to finding the answers. Those who are making chemistry a force for good. I am grateful for that moment, grateful for that red round reminder that in all its current complexities, the core, the basic principle that science is fun lives on. That's why we have decided to give these buttons as prizes for this year's "Follow the Mole" project. We hope to see you in Dallas and in the Fall at our next Chemluminary awards. If you get one, wear it proudly. Those three words say allot!


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