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Share Your Science, #ChemChamps

Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Mar 16, 2014

Hey undergrads, grads, post-docs, and pre-tenure faculty at U.S. academic institutions! How can effective science communication win you a trip to San Francisco in August 2014?


So now that we’ve got your attention, what is the most important skill to catalyze yourself from the lab bench to a career? You need it to network with others here at #ACSDallas and beyond. You use it when you inspire the next generation of chemists in the classroom. And it’s your best hire-able asset when interviewing for a job.



It’s how you convert all those chemistry ideas and concepts in your brain into words, pictures, and insight that draw colleagues and collaborators. More importantly, it’s how you explain chemistry to non-scientists who just might be your next source of funds, your boss, or friends and family that you want to tell what cool things you’re discovering.


The American Chemical Society wants you to exceed that activation energy level when communicating chemistry. So we’re launching Chemistry Champions, to help you develop and showcase your communication skills.


Starting on Twitter @AmerChemSociety as #chemchamps, we’re rolling out communication tips and practice opportunities: try tweeting your research in six words or less as #6wordchemtalk. Under the Chemistry Ambassadors program, we’ll soon spread to Facebook and YouTube as well. On April 10, you can see how to share chemical insight on a topic that the public is drawn to via


Maybe you see yourself a celebrity science communicator one day with your own TV show? Maybe you’ll have a recurring guest spot on The Big Bang Theory or host a feature doc like Neil deGrasse Tyson’s #Cosmos sequel.


In May, undergrads, grads, post-docs, and pre-tenure faculty at U.S. academic institutions can enter to compete in the Chemistry Champions Contest: in a 2-3 min YouTube video explain your research (and why you should be The Chemistry Champion). With more details to come, semifinalists will fly and stay free in San Francisco during the ACS National Meeting; and the finals will be in front of a live public audience.


So check out #chemchamps and share your communications skill development. We look forward to reading, hearing, and seeing your catalytic presentations.


For those of you at #ACSDallas, check out the Chemistry Champions presentations at the ACS Theatre in the Expo hall: Sunday night 6:30 and 7:30pm; Monday at 9:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:30pm; and Tuesday at 11:30am and  1:30pm. You can also find out more at the Chemistry and the Environment Film Series – showing Trashed! – on Tuesday at 12pm in room D166 of the Convention Center.


And anyone reading this, share your research, be it


         turning oil products into life savers


         testing how virtual atoms dance together