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MOLE ALERT: Sheraton - SCHB & PROF Luncheon

Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Mar 18, 2014

Prof. Molenium will be at the Sheraton Dallas, Majestic following the SCHB & PROF Speaker Luncheon at 1:30. Limited t-shirts will be distributed. Sorry, we only have small and medium sizes left.


The ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB) has objectives "To aid in the formation, development, and growth of small chemical businesses."

SCHB helps chemists working in small enterprises, including self-employed, with the legal, social, educational, legislative, regulatory, and economic aspects of their unique professional status. SCHB serves as a clearinghouse of information, a forum for discussion, and a liaison between small businesses and students. To learn more about this division visit About Us