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MOLE SIGHTING: Sheraton, ACS Council Meeting

Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Mar 19, 2014

LASTDROP.jpgUPDATE: 8:15 AM I have placed the mugs and some buttons under a beautiful painting outside of Sheraton, Dallas Ballroom B. Council is taking place now. Please feel free to stop by and observe, we will be here until noon. Look for some white small boxes with my yellow buttons. Ready for travel.



MUG.jpgYou have got to get up pretty early when you're a mole, especially when the ACS Council meets at the national meeting.

I must admit I like a cup of joe to get me going on days like this. That's why I have left 4 special "Science is Fun" mugs somewhere in the Sheraton Dallas, Ballroom A - C. Stay tuned and I will reveal their location later this morning.


ACS is a membership organization founded on democratic principles. It has many governing bodies and the meeting is an opportunity for these members to address the ongoing work of the organization. We hope that many will take advantage of this opportunity to learn firsthand of the society’s operation. Learn more about the governance meetings at the Spring National Meeting here: s.html#articleContent_columnsbootstrap