Professor Molenium

A Walker's Paradise

Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Jul 8, 2014

Despite its 43 hills, San Francisco is a walker’s paradise – and can be as ambitious as a morning workout or tackled in small, flat segments. But don’t let the flat parts fool you!

What may look like a horizontal walk on a map is likely to involve up and down pathways, steps and steep streets. Some of San Francisco’s steepest inclines are in the heart of the city, including the ascent to Nob Hill  – what a workout! I advise you to pack a pair of super comfortable walking shoes and always have at least $2 or $3 on hand in case you want to hop on a bus or a streetcar.

You should also take note of your route before heading out. Consult with your hotel concierge for directions, check your GPS, or take a quick stop by your San Francisco visitor information center - 900 Market Street, on the lower level of Hillidie Plaza. This is where the city’s famous Powell Street cable cars turn around. Maps are also available, and will help you scout out the best places for urban adventures. And last but not least, I recommend visiting outlying neighborhoods – like the Sunset and  the Richmond Districts and Ocean Beach best reachable by public transportation or by car.