Professor Molenium

Official San FranTotes, Sunglasses & T-Shirts

Blog Post created by Professor Molenium on Jul 25, 2014

Hey, it’s me again Prof. Molenium, your beloved ACS mascot! I wanted to give you an update on the National Meeting in San Francisco. We’re going to have give-aways, location updates, news and other helpful National Meeting related items. When you see me, give me a hug... PLEASE! We can also take "selfies" and even post it! We’re going to have so much fun!


Don’t forget, you can grab our official "Chemistry & Global Stewardship" sunglasses by following me at the national meeting. Learn more at The future is so bright you gotta wear shades! Fun in the sun west coast style… Our shades float in water and features brightly colored blue or black temples and dark, ultraviolet protective lenses.


So get on the MOLEcular level. Track me down at the National meeting and receive one of my great items. (while supplies last). Totes, sunglasses and t-shirts for the 248th National Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco. You can learn more about my project at