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Don’t Worry about the Sample Preparation Any More

Blog Post created by SABRINA wanghuanhuan on Jun 2, 2015

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Don’t Worry about the Sample Preparation Any More


As we all know, sample preparation is critical for the protein analysis. Now you won’t be worried about that. Creative Proteomics can offer sample preparation service. And whatever kinds of services you want, it can meet your all demands.


The sample preparation is the most important step in the whole proteomics analysis. And there are a few methods. In order to avoid the protein losses, the sample has to be kept in a minimum; we have to try our best to keep the sample cold, so that it can avoid the protein modifications and to prevent enzyme activities; therefore, the time of preparation should be very shout and the losses and modifications can be avoided successfully. All aggregates and complexes should be disrupted; disturbing compounds should be removed but the removing proteins should be left. And one point should be noticed that there are not only one possible procedure to treat a sample, and a 100% representation of the proteins, which are included in a cell, will never be obtained in practice. We often chose the method which can express the highest number of different proteins.

So that all steps of the sample preparation works. And Creative Proteomics also can provide many other methods for you, and of course it will introduce the best one for you.


About the author: Creative Proteomics is a company which can provide the services of the proteomics division. The sample preparation is one of the most popular service that customs asked for. And Creative Proteomics will solve all problems you met during the work of laboratory.