Abdul-Hafiz Sanni

Fears at work and facts management

Blog Post created by Abdul-Hafiz Sanni on Mar 27, 2014

I coined it that way thinking perhaps everyone had this moment while walking the way to absorption in the job community. You meet new people as co-staff, team members and senior and management staff in the work place. What questions do you ask to get you to know what is worth knowing about the work place. What responsibility do you owe to the job and the colleagues. I graduated and stayed for about six years without a job in my field. When I eventually got one I did not know what to do to help myself. I did some reading about the department to which I was employed. I worked side by side with other colleague. I always felt the need to be formally educated on how the job is but it never came. I am presumed an expert and so no reason to fail. I always wanted to make sure I didn't fail. If I ask a question I am never satisfactorily answered. Asking further questions almost mean I am not trained to work in the lab. Then I have the feeling that everyone is as ignorant as I am. I actually found myself being a resource in resolving challenges. Is it not the right thing that there be documented history of the job and how we have transited from one methodology to another and notes on how the methodology works in principle and theory? For example, why does dragendorff's reagent give the positive reaction for alkaloids etc? What is the method development history in extraction of secondary metabolites from plants.

Then it occurs that academic discussions are not objective enough. Do you ask a question to the presenter or make an argument just to destabilize or to point out need to work harder and educate. You threaten and frighten with admin position and power to not acknowledge the good traits of a staff.


To be continued