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You Need One of the Reaction to Accelerate Your Research

Blog Post created by Amy Winfiled on Jun 23, 2016

BOC Science can provide many kinds of reactions, such as Alkylation, Asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation, Asymmetric ketone reduction, Boronic acid chemistry, Bromination, Catalytic hydrogenation, Chemical and enzyme resolution, Chlorination, Chiral synthesis, Condensation, Cyanidation,Diazotization, Fluorination,Friedel-Crafts, Grignard reaction, Halogenation (Br, F, I, Cl), Halogen dance, Heterocyclic ring formation, Hoffman rearrangemen, Indole synthesis, Isocyanate synthesis, Michael addition, Nitration, Oxidation, Phase transfer, Pyridine chemistry, Pyrimidine synthesis, Reductions - BH3, NaBH4, DIBAL, Ring Close, Suzuki coupling, Swern oxidation, Vilsmeier reaction,Wittig reaction and so on.