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Four Chemicals That Are Most Frequently Used

Blog Post created by Alex Dean on Nov 29, 2018

Natural Compounds

Natural compounds usually refer to purified organic compounds isolated from natural sources. For example, Quercetin-3-O-[2-O-(6-O-p-hydroxyl-E-coumaroyl)-D-glucosyl]-(1-2)-L-rhamnoside is a flavonoid compound isolated from Ginkgo biloba L. Another natural compound Ginsenoside Rd is found in the roots of Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.


Natural compounds stand out among varied compounds for their unique therapeutic benefits. Previously they have made their contributions in Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating various diseases. With more relevant researches carried out, they are extensively explored as lead compounds in drug discovery. By now, there are over 4, 000 natural compounds available at BOC Sciences.



Impurity is a determining factor for the successful development of potential drugs as the impurity level may affect the efficacy and safety of APIs, and decide whether the production meet the quality standards. The pharmaceutical effects of some impurities cannot be ignored. Just to give an example: triheptanoin could be used for treating a number of inherited metabolic diseases, epilepsy, ventricular hypertrophy and myocardial glucose oxidation. Having considerable expertise in the identification and synthesis of new and challenging impurities, BOC Sciences provides thousands of impurities to meet a wide range of existing standards.


Besides, customers also have access to expert advice either on the mechanism of impurities formation or on modifications of formulations. Synthesis of multi-gram quantities of impurities for toxicity testing is also available to assist their product development.



Over the past decades, BOC Sciences has made sincere efforts in offering high quality small molecule inhibitors (inhibitors, agonists and modulators) with the best prices ever possible. Most inhibitors can be obtained from milligrams to kilograms on scale and analytic report is also available for customer’s reference.


As a well-established class of potential useful drugs, small molecule inhibitors are now applied in various medical and pharmaceutical researches, such as in the fields of neurological disease, cancer, etc. Also, inhibitors serve as promising therapeutic molecules for the treatment of a number of diseases when conjuncted with other treatments, such as RNA interference (RNAi). For example, the inhibitor favipiravir (also known as T-705 or Avigan), can be used as an antiviral drug against many RNA viruses. Another inhibitor omapatrilat could be used in treating heart failure and hypertension.



To ensure the success of new drug development, the potential pharmacologically active metabolites must be considered as they often occurred frequently. In addition, the early identification of active metabolites is of critical importance in developing optimal clinical study designs and correcting data interpretation. At BOC sciences, you can find both primary and secondary metabolites with high purity for your innovative drug research.