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LION LBD: a Literature-Based Discovery System for Cancer Biology

Blog Post created by Alex Dean on Jan 22, 2019

New AI system is expected to accelerate scientists' research in the field of cancer.


Recently, a research report was published in the international magazine Bioinformatics. Scientists from the University of Cambridge developed of a new type of AI system called "LION LBD", which can help researchers with their cancer-related research.


At present, cancer research attracts a large amount of money on a global scale, and the number of related research reports is also very large. Therefore, researchers are struggling to conduct research related to cancer, and they often find that many evidences of critical assumptions are often discovered until the article is published.


Cancer is a very complex disease, and it is the second leading cause of death throughout the world. Currently, researchers still do not have a deep and comprehensive understanding of cancer. The occurrence of cancer is the result of a variety of changes in chemical and biochemical molecules, reactions and various pathways. Researchers conduct cancer research in a wide range of disciplines, and may differ in the way they describe similar concepts.


Professor Anna Korhonen said, “As a cancer researcher, even if you know what you are looking for, there may actually be thousands of possibilities every day, and the LION LBD technology we developed can make use of artificial intelligence to help scientists keep pace with their published research in related fields, and to help researchers achieve more research in cancer research by linking multiple unrelated resources.”


“The technology can search in real time and find indirect correlations in tens of millions of articles”, says researcher Korhonen, “for example, when you know that a cancer drug can affect the behavior of a particular pathway, if you apply LION LBD technology, you may be able to discover another drug, which targets a variety of completely different diseases, may also affect the same pathway.” LION LBD is the first AI system developed by scientists in the field of cancer research, with a focus on molecular biology of cancer research, and it also uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques to detect references to cancer features in text.


The system is currently built using open data, open resources, and open standards. Researchers are currently working to expand the search range of LION LBD technology, including concepts and correlations.


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