Dorian Hanaor

Exploring the hydrophobicity of rare earth oxides

Blog Post created by Dorian Hanaor on Oct 16, 2019

Intrinsic hydrophobicity is exhibited by certain rare earth oxides. In particular CeO2 is known to exhibit hydrophobic surfaces. The fabrication of CeO2 as with other REOs, can be tailored to yield morphologies with high levels of certain crystallographic planes. For this reason exploring the interactions with water exhibited by the different low index surface is of interest and is explored in further detail in a recent study.

Intrinsic hydrophobicity of rare earth oxides is of notable value towards high temperature and robust systems. furthermore, the hydrophobicity of CeO2 is instrumental in mediating catalytic activity with organic compounds at the surfaces of this material, which is often used as a catalyst or catalyst support. The field of intrinsic hydrophobicity is still in its infancy and hold much promise.