Girish Malhotra

Opportunities to Lower Drug Prices and Improve Affordability: From Creation (Manufacturing) to Consumption (Patient)

Blog Post created by Girish Malhotra on Mar 16, 2018

Since the beginning of 2018 “doing something” to curb ever increasing drug prices has picked up steam. I call two recent announcements 1-4 to be “constructive destructionist” 5 and if successful could have an everlasting impact and game changing influence on the pharma landscape. With their success we should expect additional entrants.


Till recently many have talked and proposed legislations but whenever rubber has met the road the tires have gone or go flat and the blame games started. We have to accept the fact that anything being proposed by the legislators or put on the ballot box is not going to come to fruition. This is due to pharma lobby having significant influence on the electability of the legislators who want to stay in office for eternity. This combination has been deadly against the needs of the constituents who want justifiable lower drug prices.


Recent initiatives are opportunities worth a review. Each presents a game changing opportunity to improve drug affordability, improve product quality, revenue and profits for the pharma landscape. In the United States drugs are acquired through two major systems, Veteran’s Affairs is for the veterans and rest of the country through mutually subsidized healthcare systems and that includes Medicare. Veteran’s Affairs along with selected Health Systems 1 (VAH) and Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan 2-4 (ABM) are set to cause a perturbation to the existing mutually subsidized system when it comes to their employees. They could be start of a revolution against ever increasing drug prices. I am presenting my perspective and opportunities for the these present.


Profitability through Simplicity: Opportunities to Lower Drug Prices and Improve Affordability: From Creation (Manufactu…