Hassen Jaafar

300 km/h in The World’s First Electric Sports Car with 48 V Low-Voltage Flow Cell Drive

Blog Post created by Hassen Jaafar on Mar 9, 2017

http://emagazine.nanoflowcell.com/technology/300-kmh-in-the-worlds-first-electri c-sports-car-with-48-v-low-voltage-flow-cell-drive/


A true eye-catcher in the shape of the world’s fastest eco sports car: QUANT 48VOLT is made to rethink the prevailing one-way approach to E-mobility. QUANT 48VOLT is the prototype of a new generation of low-voltage electric vehicles.


Redesigned cell membranes are being used for the first time in the flow cell of the nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT low-voltage drive. After two-and-a-half years of development work, the R&D team succeeded in engineering a nano-technology procedure for processing the membrane surface to achieve many times the surface area within almost the same dimensions, thus creating a far larger reaction surface for the bi-ION electrolytes. In future, this new membrane design will enable the nanoFlowcell® to take full advantage of a higher energy density in the bi-ION electrolyte solution (more than 600 Wh/l).