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New aluminium-ion battery from Stanford

Blog Post created by Hassen Jaafar on Mar 9, 2017

Stanford University Professor Hongjie Dai and colleagues have developed the first high-performance aluminum battery that’s fast charging, long lasting and inexpensive. The flexible, non-flammable device produces 2 volts of electricity. The research team was able to generate 5 volts - enough to power a smartphone - using two aluminum batteries and a converter.


In this video, graduate student Ming Gong and postdoctoral scholar Yingpeng Wu demonstrate how the new technology could offer a safe alternative to lithium-ion and other batteries in wide use today.


Producer: Mark Shwartz, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford


Date: April 3, 2015





Nature magazine (April 16, 2015):



Dai Laboratory: http://dailab.stanford.edu/