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Iron Carbide to convert CO2 into methane using magnetic induction

Blog Post created by Hassen Jaafar on Dec 23, 2019

Pr. Bruno Chaudret (CNRS Toulouse, FR) succeeded few years ago to patent a new approach of CO2 hydrogenation to form methane.

Ferromagnetic Iron carbide catalytic nanoparticles were doped on mineral support and the system was processed using magnetic induction to reach the setup heating conditions, limiting energy consumption for such transformation.

L'induction magnétique pour la conversion de CO2 en méthane - INSA 

Complex Nano-objects Displaying Both Magnetic and Catalytic Properties 

EP2981355A1 Chemical method catalysed by ferromagnetic nanoparticles 


Another Japanese research group demonstrates recently that they can do methanation of CO2 at room temperature (by LaNi5 & Hydrogen H2) using ball-milling process.

Methanation of CO2 by using LaNi5 alloy with ball-milling method