H.N. Cheng

3Rs of Chemistry

Blog Post created by H.N. Cheng on May 4, 2019

As we all know, the three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic) are the basic skills taught in schools. Of course, chemistry is more advanced than the basic skills. For me in my day job, I spend a lot of time on reading, writing (or reporting), and research.  Thus, "reading, reporting, and research" can be considered the 3Rs for me in my day job.  As for ACS volunteer work, because the nature of the work tends to be diversified, all of us probably have different perspectives. Thus, the 3Rs may be different for different people.  For me at least, I would like to regard them as "responsibility, relationships, and results."  These are useful reminders of what needs to be done. Nonetheless, I believe the key is to enjoy what we do; in this way, all the work becomes a labor of love.