H.N. Cheng

Agro-based Materials

Blog Post created by H.N. Cheng on Aug 22, 2019

If you are interested in green chemistry and sustainability, there will be a symposium on “Chemistry and Utilization of Agro-Based Materials” at the upcoming ACS national meeting in San Diego.  It is sponsored by the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (AGFD) and cosponsored by ACS Polymer Chemistry Division (POLY) and ACS Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division (CELL). We have 35 talks in six sessions: 1) Water in Chemistry and Agriculture, 2) Value-Added Products from Agricultural Raw Materials, 3) Agro-Based Fibers and Textiles, 4) Improved Utilization of Agricultural Raw Materials, 5) Nanoscience and Related Materials, 6) Advanced Materials from Agricultural sources.  The symposium will be held in Room 33B of the San Diego Convention Center from Sunday to Tuesday, August 25-27, 2019.  The morning session starts at 8:30 am and the afternoon sessions start at 1:30 pm. The organizers are H.N. Cheng, Michael Appell, Atanu Biswas, and SeChin Chang.