John Jordan

American Growing Next Generation Engineers

Blog Post created by John Jordan on Apr 30, 2014

Having fall short of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workers, America is still behind its competitors Japan and Germany in the race of highest GDP in the world. Japan being the one with the highest GDP in world and Germany being the country with second highest GDP, America has to work on its existing plans and economic conditions to make the predictions true in which USA was on third position.


The current reports have shown that America is facing an issue of brain drain in the recent times and due to this activity occurring in excess in the economy the country is not able to reach its goals and fulfill the predictions regarding its growth.  Reports have suggested that there is a shortage of STEM graduates and employees in America and so as a result human resource was called upon from abroad and foreign. This created the situation that of a brain drain and slowed the per capita income of the economy since the GPD could not reach the levels that were predicted for the economy.


What the analyst failed to see or predict was that US had a major IT influx in the past 25years but there were fewer Americans present or willing in the country to tale these positions. Thus demand exceeded the supply and so people from aboard were called upon to fill the gap. This also explains that why 60% of the top Americans are from foreign land and not native Americans.


But America need to realize that IT is spreading in all sectors and so is not limited to the areas of STEM alone. Such as in future health, military eradicating the issue of fake college degree and even financials will be dependent on IT services so an average American needs to be trained and taught the ways in which he can incorporate these skills in all professions and this is the future plan of America.