John Garner

New fluorescently conjugated mPEG-PLGA now available (AV18) for nanoparticle tracking

Blog Post created by John Garner on Aug 11, 2015

PolySciTech ( provides a wide array of biodegradable block copolymers and related products. A new product is now available which is mPEG-PLGA (3000-36,000)-conjugated to FKR-560 dye. The FKR-560 dye has a maximum absorbance of 562 +/- 3nm and a maximum emission of 584 +/- 4 nm. The extinction coefficient of the dye in dimethylformamide is 50,000 +/- 5000 cm-1M-1. This dye has been chemically conjugated onto the PLGA terminus of the diblock copolymer rendering the polymer reddish in color and giving it the same fluorescent spectra as the dye. This is valuable for nanoparticle tracking and microscopy applications related to cellular uptake and flow of the formed nanoparticles. The spectral properties are such that this material has fluorescence similar to PE-Texas Red, R-phycoerythrin, and other related dyes and the same filter sets (TRITC region) can also be used for this dye so that you can use the same set-up for imaging that you have now to be able to track nanoparticles.  You can see this product in our online catalog here ( h).

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