John Garner

New NIR fluorescent dyes available for in-vivo imaging applications

Blog Post created by John Garner on Mar 28, 2016

PolySciTech division of Akina, Inc ( provides a wide array of research products including Flamma Fluor dyes. Recently, 3 new dyes have been added to our local inventory available for 1 business-day shipping to anywhere in USA. These include FKI-749, a non-reactive hydrophobic near-IR (abs/em 746 nm/773 nm), FKI-749 dichlorotirazine, an amine and hydroxyl reactive near-IR dye (abs/em 749 nm/774 nm), and D-0013 (abs/em 739 nm/768 nm). Because of their near-IR fluorescence spectra, these dyes have the capability to operate in a region of light which passes easily through bodily tissues. The benefit to this is that these can be applied to in-vivo imaging, which is imaging of a structure or dyed component in an animal model while the animal is alive. This is particularly useful for research and other applications. Read more about in-vivo imaging here: Gibbs, Summer L. "Near infrared fluorescence for image-guided surgery." Quantitative imaging in medicine and surgery 2, no. 3 (2012): 177-187. Full-Text:


“Abstract: Near infrared (NIR) image-guided surgery holds great promise for improved surgical outcomes. A number of NIR image-guided surgical systems are currently in preclinical and clinical development with a few approved for limited clinical use. In order to wield the full power of NIR image-guided surgery, clinically available tissue and disease specific NIR fluorophores with high signal to background ratio are necessary. In the current review, the status of NIR image-guided surgery is discussed along with the desired chemical and biological properties of NIR fluorophores. Lastly, tissue and disease targeting strategies for NIR fluorophores are reviewed. Key words: Near infrared (NIR); image-guided surgery”