John Garner

Keep Summer Cool with Cool-June Savings on PolyVivo Block Copolymers from PolySciTech

Blog Post created by John Garner on Jun 1, 2016

PolySciTech Division of Akina, Inc. ( provides a wide variety of biodegradable research polymers. For the month of June, a special 20% discount is available for block-copolymers (PEG-PLGA, PEG-PCL, etc.) over $200/g. Use the coupon-code JUNE20 on checkout to take advantage of this special discount.


What can you use these polymers for? Well, recently these polymers have been used by researchers for articles and publications with titles such as: "Thermosensitive Hydrogel Collagenase Formulations", "Nanoparticle-and Drug-Containing Polymersomes for Medical Applications", "Preparation and characterization of new zinc (II) phthalocyanine—Containing poly (l-lactide)-b-poly (ethylene glycol) copolymer micelles for photodynamic therapy", "A Biomimetic Peptide And Biodegradable Delivery Platform For The Treatment Of Angiogenesis-And Lymphangiogenesis-Dependent Diseases", "Magnetofluorescent Nanocomposites Integrating Magnetic Nanoparticles and Near Infrared Quantum Dots for Tumor Cell Targeting", "Thermal Decomposition Based Synthesis of Ag-In-S/ZnS Quantum Dots and Their Chlorotoxin-Modified Micelles for Brain Tumor Cell Targeting", "Design of Albumin-Coated Microbubbles Loaded With Polylactide Nanoparticles", "Silver nanoparticle-embedded polymersome nanocarriers for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections","Probing the interaction of nanoparticles with mucin for drug delivery applications using dynamic light scattering" Get the full details on these and other publications here