John Garner

Updated Technical and Safety Information on PolySciTech website

Blog Post created by John Garner on Jun 16, 2016

PolySciTech division of Akina, Inc. ( provides a wide array of biodegradable block copolymers and related research products. As we continue to grow, PolySciTech is working towards prioritizing providing helpful product technical data for customers. Outside of typical certificate of analysis data (HNMR, FTIR, GPC) we also have supplemental data for many of our products available on our product information page ( Recently, Akina has procured a state-of-the-art modulated DSC (Q2000 TA instruments). We are updating the available DSC data on our website collected previously with a TA-2010 with modulated DSC data. Additionally, we are in the process of establishing intrinsic viscosity (25C dichloromethane) for our products with a micro-visc meter and this will soon be available on the site. In addition to technical data, the MSDS files available have been updated to the globally harmonized SDS version which is available online for products as well ( As always, links to research papers and published data for our products is available here ( Recently, we broke over 100 published manuscripts listing the use of our products in their research and counting.