John Garner

Updated PolySciTech website with easy-to-navigate product search and intuitive published data links

Blog Post created by John Garner on Nov 11, 2016

PolySciTech division of Akina, Inc ( provides a wide array of polymer and research products. Over the years our product offering has expanded to well over 500 products with more than 130 research publications regarding their use in a wide variety of applications. The incredible number of both products and research data available has created issues with organizing these items and information about them in an intuitive, user-friendly format. Recently, we have updated the website to a more intuitive search method allowing customers to rapidly pull up the products of interest without needing to screen through all 500 products. This is accessible through either our homepage or directly here ( additionally, publications which have come out using specific products are linked to the ‘publication’ button on the catalog for each product. This allows you to easily see what other researchers have used these materials for and resultant data from those tests. Even if you don’t intend to buy, this is a valuable resource for researchers looking to obtain literature data from PolySciTech materials.

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