John Garner

Stereotetrad lactone precursors from Akanocure Pharmaceuticals now available through Akina, Inc.

Blog Post created by John Garner on Jan 17, 2017

The PolySciTech division of Akina, Inc. ( strives to provide unique and hard-to-find research reagents.  Thanks to a distribution arrangement with Akanocure Pharmacueticals, a Purdue University spin-off company which focuses on finding synthetic routes for hard-to-obtain nature-based pharmaceutical ingredients, we are now distributing stereospecific precursors for generation of polypriopionate medicines. You can see more details about these exciting materials here ( These chemicals represent an exciting class of novel therapeutic compounds within the polyketide family. You can learn more about this class of materials and their therapeutic potential in a recent review article: Koskinen, Ari MP, and Kaisa Karisalmi. "Polyketide stereotetrads in natural products." Chemical Society Reviews 34, no. 8 (2005): 677-690. _Stereotetrads_in_Natural_Products/links/09e4150252cfc302d8000000.pdf

  “Abstract: Natural products (or secondary metabolites) remain as the most important source for discovery of new and potential drug molecules. With high resolution data of their structures, and the advancement of synthesis possibilities, analysis of the natural products based on their specific structural features is valuable to those entering the field. In this tutorial review we attempt such an analysis indicating the salient features of the structural classes with examples of the synthesis of each one of them. As the particular class of natural products, we have chosen polyketides.”