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Synthesize like a pro with reactive intermediates generated by award-winning researchers

Blog Post created by John Garner on Jun 23, 2017

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Akanocure Pharmaceuticals, a Purdue University spin-off company, has won several awards including the Purdue Ag-celerator award, award, as well as has been a finalist in the MassChallenge Boston competition. This company, founded by Sherine Abdelmawla, Mohammad Noshi, and Philip Fuchs, generates novel synthetic methodologies to recreate naturally occurring compounds. These synthetic compounds can be used for a wide-variety of therapeutic applications including cancer treatments. The process begins with specific precursors that have defined stereochemistry so that the exact chiral-structure of the molecule is defined ensuring appropriate bioactivity. These custom-developed precursors are lactone derivatives with precisely controlled protecting units at specific locations, can be utilized to generate a broad range of molecules.  These unique chemicals are commercially distributed through Akina, Inc. PolySciTech Division ( and can be used in your lab for generating a wide array of bioactive molecules. (Photo credit: