John Garner

Akina Hosting Free Scientific-Networking Conference at Purdue Research Park August 29th

Blog Post created by John Garner on Apr 25, 2018


Science is more than simply performing research in a lab. The challenges of the 21st century require collaboration and cooperation not only between multiple labs but also between academia, entrepreneurs, and corporate scientists to provide solutions to complex problems. This requires networking and awareness which allow innovations to become available within the marketplace where they can flourish and improve people’s lives. In the Lafayette area, Purdue Research Park (the largest University-affiliated business complex in the country) has been growing by leaps and bounds with university spin-off technologies, start-ups, and small-business’s forming at a rapid pace. Despite this, there is relatively little awareness between the companies as to what products/services they provide or research applications they are working on. For this reason, Akina, Inc. is hosting a scientific networking conference. The BPCR conference (August 29, 2018 9AM - 4PM: Kurz Purdue Technology Center, West Lafayette, IN, which is a free, 1-day scientific networking conference that focuses on research companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, and broader life-science fields.

  This conference has been recently highlighted in a press release from Purdue: ny-to-host-scientific-networking-conference-for-area-research-companies,-investo rs,-customers.html