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Recent patent describes use of PLGA-PEG-Mal from PolySciTech for nanoparticle-based therapies

Blog Post created by John Garner on Jun 13, 2018

Xiaoshan mal-peg-PLGA quantum dot.PNG

Theranostics is a field of research in cancer which focuses on developing techniques that both diagnose and treat cancer. One method of accomplishing this is putting agents which can be detected by fluorescence, ultrasound, or x-ray techniques along with active drugs in a targeted nanoparticle structure. Recently, researchers at the University of Nevada used mPEG-PLGA (PolyVivo AK051) and Mal-PEG-PLGA (Polyvivo AI075) from PolySciTech ( to develop a nanoparticle system containing drugs and quantum dots. This technology holds promise to provide for improved therapy for cancer in the future. Read more: Zhu, Xiaoshan, and Violeta Demillo. "Composites and Compositions for Therapeutic Use and Methods of Making and Using The Same." U.S. Patent Application 15/872,763, filed June 7, 2018.


“Abstract: Disclosed herein are embodiments of composites and compositions that can be used for therapeutic applications in vivo and/or in vitro. The disclosed composites can comprise cores having magnetic nanoparticles, quantum dots, or combinations thereof and zwitterionic polymeric coatings that facilitate solubility and bioconjugation. The compositions disclosed herein can comprise the composites and one or more biomolecules, drugs, or combinations thereof. Also disclosed herein are methods of making the composites, composite components, and methods of making quantum dots for use in the composites.”


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