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PLA-PEG-PLA thermogel from PolySciTech used in recent patent on ocular controlled-release system

Blog Post created by John Garner on Oct 10, 2018

Pan, 2018 thermogel ocular implant.png

Delivery of medications into the ocular region is necessary for a wide range of diseases, but also challenging. Recently, researchers for Biohealthways, Inc. used PLA-PEG-PLA thermogel (PolyVivo AK100) from PolySciTech ( in development of patent technology for delivery of ocular medicines. This research holds promise to treat a wide range of ocular diseases. Read more: Pan, David. "Biodegrading implantable ocular sustained release drug delivery system." U.S. Patent Application 15/924,318, filed September 20, 2018 .


  “Abstract: An ocular implant is provided for an intraocular delivery of a therapeutic biologic agent. The implant may be used intracamerally or intravitreally. The implant may include a sustained-release biodegradable core and a biodegradable shell, wherein the shell has a longer biodegradable half-life than the core. The core may include a biodegradable gel medium, an active therapeutic biologic agent, and a biologic stabilizer. Upon insertion into the anterior chamber or vitreous body of an eye, the therapeutic biologic agent is released over an extended period, that may range from one day to one year. The therapeutic biologic agent may be, for example, tissue-plasminogen activator, an anti-VEGF agent, or another biopharmaceutical. The biodegradable implant may completely dissolve after implantation and need not be removed.”