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Get ‘Bezwa-more’ for your Bezwada-branded product purchase placed through PolySciTech with discount code BEZWADA40

Blog Post created by John Garner on Nov 8, 2018

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In addition to in-house manufactured materials, PolySciTech also carries products by high-quality suppliers with a focus on biomedical and polymer products. Starting from November 8 through December 31, receive an additional 40% discount off the price of Bezwada-Brand products purchased through PolySciTech using the coupon code BEZWADA40. This includes the APB*** series of high molecular weight specialty polyesters for mechanically-demanding applications. Includes polymers of glycolide, caprolactone, dioxanone, lactide, trimethylene carbonate and other monomers with focus on mechanically robust products for implants, sutures, and other applications where strength and elasticity are paramount. Also included are the AEB*** series of Poly(ethylene glycol)-diacrylates are the ideal, cross-linkable hydrogel precursor for use in micropatterning, cell-scaffolds, and biological functions. Simply mixing these polymers with an appropriate solution of commercially available and biocompatible photo-initiator generates a liquid solution which readily forms into a solid gel upon exposure to UV light. Find these products with a competitive discount at