John Garner

PLGA from PolySciTech described in patent application as part of manufacturing of PLGA/PEI particles for stem-cell delivery

Blog Post created by John Garner on Feb 21, 2019

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Stem-cells hold promise to treat a wide variety of diseases including cardiovascular disease. Recently, PLGA (AP089) from PolySciTech ( was described as part of a process of making PLGA-PEI particles for stem-cell delivery in a recent patent from researchers at University of Utah. This research holds promise for treating cardiovascular diseases. Read more: Kim, Sung Wan, Kwang Suk Lim, and Young Sook Lee. "Plga/pei particles and methods of making and using the same." U.S. Patent Application 16/068,302, filed February 7, 2019.


“Abstract: Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/polyethylenimine (PLGA/PEI) particles and methods directed to the preparation of PLGA/PEI particles are provided. Methods of using PLGA/PEI particles for the proliferation of stem cells and/or delivery of stem cells are also provided. For example, methods of treating a subject having, or at risk of developing, a cardiovascular disorder can include administering a therapeutically effective amount of stem cell-loaded PLGA/PEI particles to the subject.”


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