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PLGA from PolySciTech used in Patent Describing Complex Microdevice Manufacture

Blog Post created by John Garner on Mar 28, 2019

McHugh, 2019 patent MIT polyscitech.jpg

Manufacturing techniques are constantly in a state of development and there have been several recent advances in development of construction of very small and very complicated parts. Often such parts are too miniscule in size for conventional machining techniques to be of much use which requires innovation in manufacturing techniques. Recently, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology used PLGA (AP045) from PolySciTech ( as part of their patent application for complex microdevices created by a combination of photolithography and micromachining techniques. This research could be used to generated a wide array of microdevices for biomedical applications. Read more: Mchugh, Kevin, Ana Jaklenec, and Robert S. Langer. "Microdevices With Complex Geometries." U.S. Patent Application 16/130,368, filed March 14, 2019.


“Abstract: Microdevices with complex three-dimensional (3D) internal and external structures are described. The microdevices are made by a method combining micromolding and soft lithography with an aligned sintering process. The microfabrication method, termed StampEd Assembly of polymer Layers (SEAL), generates microdevices with complex geometries and with fully-enclosed internal cavities containing a solid or liquid. The microdevices are useful for biomedical, electromechanical, energy and environmental applications.”


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