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PLCL from PolySciTech used in research on polymer degradation and mechanical properties

Blog Post created by John Garner on Jun 11, 2019

Polyesters degrade by hydrolysis of the ester bonds forming a random series of cuts along the chain which initially reduce the molecular weight and affect the mechanical properties before eventually degrading the entire piece away. This process is strongly affected by the environment around the polyester chain. Recently, researchers at Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) used PLCL from PolySciTech (  Lisnenko, Maxim “ Impact of degradation on mechanical properties of nanofibrous polyester materials” Technical University of Liberec Thesis, 2019. equence=1&isAllowed=y


“ABSTRACT The main aim of this work is a study the mechanical properties of polyester nanofibrous materials during degradation. The degradation of the materials was achieved by using enzymes that catalyse the decomposition of polyesters. The theoretical part describes, in brief, the production of nanofibrous layers by electrospinning. In addition to this, the part deals with the characteristic of the chemical-physical properties of the used materials such as PCL, PLCL and their Blend in particular, as well as a brief description of degradation types. The experimental part is focused on the description of the degradation of materials, which represents a simulation of the degradation process by using specific enzymes (Lipase and Proteinase K) in order to prepare the materials in different degrees of degradation and to measure their mechanical properties. Weight loss, molecular weight change, material morphology and crystallinity change were the determinants of degradation. A pull test was used as a determinant for mechanics. During the test tensile and deformation characteristics, such as tensile strength, ductility and the elastic modulus, are observed. Finally, the results of the work, which show that the degradation has a significant influence on the mechanical properties that deteriorate during the testing, are evaluated. KEY WORDS: nanofibers, degradation, polyesters, enzymatic degradation, mechanical properties”


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